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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 08:56

all_teamsThe colourful, entertaining and noisy caravan of Expatriate Indian Cricket came to the ABN-AMRO International Cricket Centre at the VRA Cricket Club in Amstelveen, on June 1st and June 8th, 2013. The brainchild of The Indo-Dutch Cricket League (IDCL;, the IDCL 2013 Twenty20 CHALLENGE is now in its FOURTH successful year!

The IDCL continues to set the standard in fun, excitement and fair play! This year was no different – an intense competition featuring 8 Teams – The Delhi DYNAMITES, Mumbai TIGERS, Chennai KINGS, Bangalore KNIGHTS, Punjab LIONS, Kerala TUSKERS, Deccan ROYALS, and United India CHALLENGERS.

With many thrilling and close games on the First Day, the field was wide open when Finals Day arrived on June 8th, with every team having a theoretical chance to make it to the Finals!! The Delhi DYNAMITES were the first to reach the Finals. Following another round of close games and a Thrilling tied Super Over Eliminator between Bangalore KNIGHTS – the Defending Champions - and the Punjab LIONS, it was the LIONS who made it through to the Finals, but not without controversy! After all, what is Indian Cricket without some controversy!!

The Final was as exciting as the rest of the Tournament, with the DYNAMITES holding on to defend 167 and winning by a mere 2 runs!! Great work by a team that was led from the front and which showed a lot of discipline, passion and good old-fashioned cricketing technique. Little wonder that the Best Batsman and the Player of the Tournament were from the Delhi Team…

Ultimately, IDCL 2013 was about the great bonding amongst the Indian Diaspora! The special characteristics of the venue –which was host to the South Africa v. Netherlands Match on May 31st – made all this even more memorable. The VRA cricket ground and the surroundings are a great sports venue and the support that IDCL has received from VRA has been outstanding! Our young Cheerleaders and the Music also enlivened the proceedings with their enthusiasm! The IDCL motto of Cricket, Colour and Culture truly came alive!

Monday, 04 March 2013 13:26

We are very proud to present the FOURTH Edition of the IDCL Twenty20 Challenge - the Big Highlight of the Dutch Cricketing Calendar and the Event that you have all been waiting for!

IDCL is honoured to welcome VRA Cricket and the ABN-AMRO International Cricket Centre in Amstelveen as our hosts for IDCL 2013, the Netherlands first truly International Cricket Venue!

Will the BANGALORE KNIGHTS successfully defend their IDCL Title?
Come, enjoy the Cricket, the Atmosphere and the Fun...and find out! Share this Event as widely as possible. Keep visiting regularly for exciting build-up activities and updates.

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The Countdown has begun...

Saturday, 12 March 2011 12:09

New Major Sponsor

We are pleased to welcome Cognizant as a Major Sponsor of the IDCL for 2012 and look forward to their support

IDCL – 2012 is here!! Mark your Calendars!!

The Twenty20 Event in the Netherlands that has set the standard for Fun, Fairplay, Colour & Food is back again! The IDCL is proud to announce that the 2012 Edition (the 3rd) of the IDCL Twenty20 Challenge will be held on April 29-30, 2012, at the picturesque Voorburg Cricket Club (VCC) Grounds in Den Haag.

The Mumbai Tigers triumphed over all opposition in 2011 to lift the trophy for a second consecutive time! Are they really as invincible as they think they are? Come, watch & participate in the 2012 Event to find out! As usual, we will have plenty of fun, food and high-quality cricket from some of the best Indian cricketers in the Netherlands.

Thursday, 03 March 2011 23:49

Welcome to the updated and improved website of the Indo-Dutch Cricket League (IDCL). This website allows you – the Indian Expatriate in the Netherlands – to join in the fun and excitement of the IDCL and participate in the Annual T20 Tournament in the Summer!  Through the IDCL, we aim to provide you the opportunity to connect to hundreds of other friends, families & professional colleagues who constitute the Indian Expatriate Community in the Netherlands

Thursday, 03 March 2011 00:02

We love cricket and we love having a good time!

So, a group of us floated the idea of a regular Twenty20 tournament featuring Indian Expatriates in the Netherlands. The aim of this venture was to exploit the love of cricket to bring together the Indian Expatriate Community and strengthen its bonds.  This took shape as the Dutch Indian Premier League (Dutch-IPL) and the first tournament was held in June 2010.

Buoyed by the success of this tournament, we strongly supported the desire to sustain this League and build it further over the years in the Netherlands. Thus, it was decided to create a non-profit Foundation christened the Indo-Dutch Cricket League (IDCL; referred to commonly as “IDCL” or “The League”).


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